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"I have someone who believes in me. Emma really cares. She's not your average therapist."

Marco Gentile, Lisbon

"I needed to shout into the void and have the void shout back."

B P, Algarve

"Emma was with me through one of the most challenging times of my life. She helped me to see and accept who I really am. Without her I would not be the person I am today."

Dr A Lamberti, Reggio Calabria

"Emma provides a safe space to fall apart in; to angrily rant, laugh and cry . Whatever emotion I’m feeling, I know that I can let it all spill out with her, and she’s got me."

J S, London

"I find talking to Emma is like talking to a friend. She asks the right questions and has a way of connecting the dots. I always feel relief after our sessions, not just because of the conclusions we make, but because I feel heard and understood."

A J, Vienna

"The therapist is a conductor who knows that a full, vibrant song is already waiting to emerge"

Dr Susan M. Johnson, Primary Developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy

English Speaking Counselling and Life Coaching to Individuals and Couples, in person in Lisbon and Cascais, and online. 


Compassionate guidance and support to help manage the setbacks and emotional difficulties that sometimes come our way, to help regain a sense of purpose and empowerment.


Therapy, through Counselling and Coaching, helps us navigate through confusing feelings. Therapy works through our problems and guides us to adopt better skills to manage challenges. 

As your Counsellor and Coach, I guide and support you through relationship challenges. I give you empowering tools to manage feelings of vulnerability and fear. I offer clarity and hope when you are simply feeling that something is not quite right. 


Changes in our relationships with others, the challenges of moving or adjusting to a new life path, our sense of self and identity; all of these scenarios often incite a mix of emotions, from excitement and wonder, to fear, vulnerability and confusion. 

I am here to provide a safe, judgment-free, moral bias free space for you to share; to talk openly through difficulties you are feeling within yourself and within your relationship with others.


I provide compassionate support, and can empower you with the tools needed to manage and restore your sense of direction and purpose.


We can never underestimate how change affects us, even when we believe we are accustomed to altering our chosen paths. 

The wheel of life, with all its challenges, cannot be stopped from turning, and obstacles inevitably get in our way, but Counselling and Coaching provide you with invaluable guidance. I can help you harness your own strengths, and assist you in developing strategies to manage and manoeuvre through life's obstacles ... and thrive. 

Reach out - Walk with me!

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