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Counselling. Wherever you may be.

Tailor-made counselling and coaching. 

Just for you.

How often do the sessions take place?


My support is tailor-made to your needs.


I offer sessions on a weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or as-need basis.


ask clients to give themselves a tranquil window of 60 minutes for our sessions together. Clients can switch off from any outside demands during our sessions, knowing that I'm here to listen, support and guide, managing our time together accordingly.


Where do the sessions take place?


The interconnectedness of the world extends to our use of technology, allowing us to reach out to one another wherever we're located.


I am currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, and offer in-person counselling and coaching in English to clients who are local to the area.

Video Call

Depending on timezones, I can also provide counselling to you through voice/video call software such as Google Meet, WhatsApp &  FaceTime.


I can also provide counselling via email. Some people feel they can express themselves in a more open way in writing. It might help when discussing difficult issues to put it in writing. Email counselling is available at anytime.

For email counselling, I dedicate about 1 hour to my email reply. I spend that hour reading, understanding and responding to you, much like in a therapy session. During the hour, I am completely focused on your needs, trying to help you understand yourself better. Email exchange can be a powerful way to connect, to be understood, and to find the answers that work for you. Sometimes it's difficult to get your feelings, events of that week, memories of past experiences, all down in one email, so you can take your time. You can email me more than once or twice, but I will keep my responses within an agreed once or twice a week window.

EmmaCounselling Session Hours:

  • Europe & Africa: 10am - 7pm

Free initial intake call

A free 30 minute intake call to determine your needs, to explain how my work may help you, and to propose a personalised plan.

Fees and Secure Payment Methods

Financial constraints should never be prohibitive when it comes to seeking support and guidance; if you would like to work with me but money is a worry, do get in touch. In certain circumstances, my fees may be negotiable. 


EmmaCounselling Session Fees:



  • In-Person. Therapy Office: €100/session 

  • In-Person. Informal Location: €85/session 

  • Via Video or Telephone Call: €75/session 

Relationship  (Per Couple/Family)

  • In-Person. Therapy Office: €115/session 

  • In-Person. Informal Location: €95/session 

  • Via Video or Telephone Call: €85/session 



  • One email response per week: €65

  • Two email responses per week: €110

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or MBWay.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are charged for cancellations of in-person sessions that are made less than 48 hours prior to the booked session. 

I will always offer a video call session as an alternative if a client cannot make a pre-booked in-person session, but if the session has to be cancelled the cancellation may be subject to fees according to the following:


- Cancellations of In-Person sessions made 48 hours or less before an appointment will be subject to a booking fee of €30. 

- Cancellations of In-Person sessions made 24 hours or less will be subject to a fee equivalent to the In-Person session fee. 

Cancellations made via text, via the website contact form or via email to sooner than 48 hours will be processed without penalty. 

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