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Counselling. Wherever you may be.

About me...

I was brought up in the UK, in the small fishing village of Tankerton, not far from the historic city of Canterbury where I attended school. I was always drawn to life outside of the British Isles from a young age, in no small part thanks to the influence of my Italian father, who provided my childhood with a wonderful dose of mediterranean magic, and my British mother, whose unconditional availability and wisdom was influenced by her own challenging childhood spent overseas. Tales I had been told and stories I read throughout my childhood opened up a fascinating world to me from beyond my bedroom window. At the age of 25, I decided to pack up and move overseas. I have lived around the world, including Australia, the US and various countries across Europe. 


I am here as a non-judgmental listener and a gentle guide. I can show you how to uncover your own inner serenity, your own constant and unique source of comfort and unconditional support. I can assist you on the path to overcoming obstacles and challenges. Through gentle, warm counselling and coaching, I will help you discover the tools to thrive. I am available to help and advise you when you feel weighed down by the burdens of daily life, aiding you to achieve goals and to find and trust your own inner counsel.

As well as counselling and life coaching, I also offer ecotherapy. This involves counselling in the judgment-free, inspiring company of nature and art. Many people find reconnecting with nature and art rekindles their inner strength. If you so wish, I am also here to help you to rediscover your own unique healing bond within the natural and art world. You can learn how connecting with nature can offer you extra unconditional support with my guidance and careful encouragement. You can learn to be your own teacher through your personal connection with the world around you. Its unconditional support, whether it be a pet or the ocean, a pot plant or a forest will be your own constant, unconditional friend.

Walk with me!


Emma Iacono-Mannings BA, SAC Dip. (University of Bristol and University of Swansea) is a fully certified and experienced Counsellor, Life Coach and Ecopsychologist.

Emma also has twenty years experience teaching and mentoring adults.

  • Joint Professional Counselling and Life Coaching Diploma

  • Level 5 Joint Professional Counselling and Life Coaching Award (NCFE)

  • Member of the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches (SHTC)

  • Cert. Professional Integrated Ecology and Applied Ecopsychology (Institute of Global Education)

  • Professional Member of the International Association for Counselling (IAC)

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