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Counselling. Wherever you may be.

Counselling: The Listener

A gentle, human connected experience.
It requires commitment of time and effort on the part of both the counsellor and client.

The counsellor must commit to:

  • Creating an environment of comfort and ease

  • Being caring, empathetic and patient

  • Asking gentle questions to enable the client to express themselves

  • Listening more than talking

The client must commit to:

  • Attending sessions

  • Responding honestly to questions

  • Opening up with the counsellor's gentle guidance

  • Working with the counsellor so that they can realistically achieve their end goal

Counselling has proven to be an extremely effective therapy for a wide variety of situations with which people are struggling.

As a counsellor, I help people to:

  • Gain clarity and perspective of the problems they are facing

  • Find their own solutions to the problems they are facing

  • Give them the space to be themselves and to be open and honest about the way they truly feel

  • Develop an understanding of their individual needs so that they are more capable of making their own decisions

  • Discover more about themselves and become self aware

  • Learn to accept themselves and others

  • Work out what is not working in their lives and support them in any limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • Guide them to perceive or respond to things differently so they feel able to communicate their feelings more effectively

  • Recognise and learn to cope with issues from the past that are preventing them from moving forward

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